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Three teeth in a row with different composite fillingsDental fillings are a common dental procedure where a certain decayed portion of a tooth is taken out and it is replaced with a filling material that helps protect the tooth from further damage. The dental filling not only helps to restore functionality of the tooth, but it also completes the aesthetic look. This filling can be made of various materials and is known to work effectively for a long time. A good quality dental filling will help to protect teeth from further damage. If you have a cavity or a dental problem that you want corrected, you can visit us here at Poleski Family Dentistry and get a good quality dental filling to restore your tooth functionality and protect it from further damage.

It Is Not Just Cavities but a Lot More

Dental filling is not only used to protect a tooth from cavities or tooth decay. Fillings are used even if a tooth is damaged and once a good quality filling is added, it not only repairs the cavity but it also strengthens the integrity of the tooth. These days there are some good quality fillings that can be used. This includes composite resin, silver, gold, and porcelain. In certain cases, where the dental damage is near the gumline it is always recommended to use glass ionomer as a filling. This filling helps release fluoride from the teeth and it prevents additional decay and damage. This is a great solution for extensive decay and it is highly recommended for pediatric patients that have not reached dental maturity yet.

Dental Fillings Are Convenient and Hassle-Free

These fillings are long lasting so once a good dental job is completed, you don't really need to worry about getting the filling replaced. Apart from the fact that good quality fillings fill in the gaps between your teeth, they also strengthen the neighboring teeth and ensure that the space between them does not increase. Dental fillings are in no way painful and they feel like part of your actual teeth in no time.

These fillings are strong and you can eat whatever you wish using the tooth that has been filled without having to worry about the filling coming off. If there is decay in a front tooth and you're worried about whether or not you will be able to restore the aesthetic appeal of your natural teeth, then you can get that done as well. Dental fillings are made using composite resin that manages to match your exact teeth color and one will not be able to tell the difference between the actual tooth and the filling.

Whether you are thinking about getting a filling for your molars or front tooth, you should definitely consider getting in touch with Poleski Family Dentistry to learn more about how we can help protect your teeth. Dental fillings are also highly effective in preventing infections that spread due to teeth sticking. If you want to book an appointment for dental fillings give as a call on 412 813-3131 or visit our office today.

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