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Dental X-Ray

Male dentist and young woman looking at a digital radiograph or x-rayDo you remember having to wait for a long time for your teeth x-ray results to come in? Thankfully, dental technology has advanced and you can now get results instantly - courtesy of digital radiology. Digital radiology is an effective way to get instant images of your dental records so you can save on time and begin a dental procedure without having to wait. Whether it's a root canal procedure or a tooth extraction, just drop in at Poleski Family Dentistry and get the right treatment without wasting any time.

Saves On Time

Time is of the essence and the last thing we want is to have to wait for a couple of hours or sometimes days before we can get results for our dental issues. With digital radiology you can now get x-rays of your teeth on a computer seconds after the scan is complete. Apart from the fact that this helps you to save a lot of time, it also benefits your dental care and oral health tremendously. Sometimes people tend to visit us when it's too late and time is a major constraint. If your root canal is urgent or there is an extraction that needs to be done immediately, the images that digital radiology delivers helps to begin the procedure a lot faster.

The Way X-rays Used to Be No Longer Holds Us Back

Back in the day, you would have to visit a separate radiology lab in order to get images of your dental record and then go back to the professional to get them checked. Today this can be done while you are sitting in the dentist chair and this helps because it's convenient and you don't have to make multiple trips to different clinics. We have a state of the art dental radiology machine that not only helps to get clear dental images, but it also helps us in identifying the problem and providing solutions almost instantly.

Another great benefit of using digital radiology is that it helps to preserve the results and helps us to pull out these results in case the treatment procedure lasts for a couple of settings. Every patient is determined to see progress and one of the best ways to show them progress is to keep a record of all the digital images.

Digital radiology is also a lot safer than traditional x-rays, which are not suitable for pregnant women or small children. Although some people believe that it is an extensive procedure, the truth is, it turns out to be cheaper because you don't have to worry about visiting multiple professionals and you get all your solutions under one roof.

It is easier and clearer than a traditional x-ray and you do not have to worry about stepping into a dark room in order to get the image. If this is the first time you’re hearing about digital technology, then give us a call on 412 813-3131 and we will give you more information on how it can help you. You can also drop in at Poleski Family Dentistry and see how you can get these images and how we can save a digital file to maintain your dental records.

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