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Mouth Guard (Sport)

Kid wearing football outfit holding his mouth guardIt is tough to imagine playing a high contact support without complete protection. When we talk of protection, we should not forget about good quality mouthguards because without a mouthguard it is almost impossible to keep your mouth and teeth safe. Whether your kid or your loved one is involved in a high contact sport like football, soccer, skating, basketball, lacrosse, rugby or field hockey, it is highly recommended to get a good quality customized mouthguard specifically designed for the person wearing it. If you have just enrolled a loved one in a high contact sport you can visit Poleski Family Dentistry to learn more about how a sporting mouthguard can benefit and protect the person involved in the sport.

Sports Mouthguards Help With Injury Protection

One of the reasons why somebody would wear a mouthguard is so that they can protect their teeth and jaw against any injury during the sport. The reason it is highly recommended to get a customized mouthguard is because the mouth of every person is shaped differently and a ‘one size fits all’ may not manage to provide complete protection against dental injuries and jaw injuries. When a customized mouthguard is used, there is better protection against any sort of injury and this also helps to keep the jaw safe.

The Many Benefits of Wearing a Customized Mouthguard

If you are tempted to get a mouthguard that is easily available in the market, you may want to reconsider this decision. To begin with, a mouthguard that is specifically customized to suit a particular person will provide overall protection and will also be more comfortable to wear. These mouthguards prevent any cuts and bruising during any impact while playing the sport.

When mouthguards are not fitted properly, it can cause discomfort and sometimes the mouthguard itself could be responsible for an injury. Customized mouthguards, on the other hand, protect teeth completely and provide a strong cushioning which not only keeps tooth fractures away but also prevents dislocations.

The mouthguard also manages to protect the lower jaw and lowers the risk of a fracture or any damage to the bone. A good quality, customized mouthguard can also help reduce injuries to the brain. People who play high impact sports without a mouthguard are at a risk of a concussion because of a force injury to the mouth. Wearing a mouthguard can lessen this impact and protect various other damages apart from tooth and jaw.

A mouthguard helps people feel more confident while playing. People with orthodontic braces should definitely consider getting a mouthguard when they want to play contact sports as they could gravely injure someone while playing a sport without a mouthguard. Customized mouthguards are lightweight, easy to wear and don't make you look funny which is why they are highly recommended. If you want a good quality mouthguard for your loved one you can visit Poleski Family Dentistry to check out how we can customize it for you. You can also give us a call at 412 813-3131 to learn more about these mouthguards and why they are so beneficial.

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