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Oral Cancer Screening

Woman with sore mouth pressing her fingers on her lipsOral cancer is one of the leading cancers people lose their life to. When detected at an early stage, oral cancer can be treated and cured effectively. However, in order to be able to detect oral cancer, it is essential to get the screening done regularly. Oral cancer screening examinations are performed at our office under professional care. You can book an appointment with us at Poleski Family Dentistry to get an oral cancer screening done. The earlier the detection, the stronger the chances of curing it are.

Process Of Oral Cancer Examination

Our professionals conduct an oral cancer screening with a step-by-step procedure. We ensure that every part of the mouth is examined carefully so there is absolutely no stone left unturned in order to identify even the slightest trace of cancer symptoms. This checkup can be done during a routine dental visit and is a simple procedure that can be conducted in one sitting itself. You do not need to worry about any painful procedure that you need to undergo, and it is not going to take you too much time either.

The screening is simple and it begins with a complete examination of the mouth, the gums, the inside of your cheek, and the back of your tongue. The main process is to make sure that there is no abnormality during the test because any abnormality can be a sign of cancer growth and there is a good chance that you can begin treatment.

Factors to Consider About Oral Cancer

While the examination is routine and very basic, if we find certain signs that indicate cancer in your mouth, we will then opt for some type of further testing. Although there are factors that are believed to increase the chances of oral cancer, there is no evidence to support that people who do not live that particular kind of lifestyle will not suffer from oral cancer. If you are one of the people who constantly uses tobacco in any form, then you may want to consider increasing the frequency that you get these oral examinations done.

People who have had a previous cancer diagnosis should also continue the examination because it takes at least five years for someone to go cancer free and even when they are free, there is still a chance of recurrence. Exposure to the sun can also increase the chances of lip cancer, which is why you should consider getting your oral examination done regularly.

Certain people who are diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer can also contract cancer through human papillomavirus which is a sexual transmitted virus. With regards to oral cancer, it is highly recommended that you discuss it with us so we are more inclined towards understanding your condition and checking for the signs accordingly.

You can give us a call at 412 813-3131 to discuss your worries and also figure out what kind of screening would be best suited for you. You can also choose to drop in or visit Poleski Family Dentistry so you can get a better understanding of the basic cancer screening and the additional tests conducted in case we find something suspicious.

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