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Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootRoot canal or endodontic therapy is an effective dental procedure that is used on patients who are suffering from extensive tooth decay, toothache or sensitive teeth. The procedure involves treatment of a severed nerve in the tooth and removal of all the bacteria to help ease the pain. These days there are some amazing therapies that can help provide root canal procedures that are almost painless and very comfortable. Unlike the earlier days where a root canal procedure required multiple sittings, these days it can be done a lot faster. If you have questions about a root canal procedure and you would like to get more information you should visit Poleski Family Dentistry and meet with our professionals to guide you and help you understand how you can benefit from it better. Getting a root canal done by the right professionals is definitely something you should consider doing because it comes with various benefits.

Prevents Spread of Infection to Other Teeth

One of the major advantages of getting a root canal procedure on time is that it prevents spread of an infection to neighboring teeth in your mouth. When you ignore the root canal procedure, the bacteria in your mouth spread to the neighboring teeth eventually and this means that you could be at risk of losing multiple teeth at a time. A good root canal procedure conducted by professionals like us helps to remove bacteria completely and disinfect the area which stops the decay instantly.

Amazing Results

Root canal therapy not only helps to clean the teeth and take out the bacteria completely, but it ends with an amazing crown or dental filling that fills the area and delivers an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These days there are some amazing dental crowns or fillings that you can choose from. These not only look exactly like your natural teeth, but also help to restore complete functionality. Once a root canal procedure is successfully completed, not only will you be able to use that side of your mouth conveniently but you'll never have to worry about any more dental problems as long as you maintain good dental hygiene.

It Helps Protect Your Teeth

Investing in a good root canal procedure helps to prevent complete tooth loss when conducted on time. This helps you to protect the integrity of all the teeth in your mouth and it helps you to have strong gums as well. When a bacterial infection is present, there is a strong chance that it can spread to your gums and it takes a long time to detect gum infections, which means you could end up with weak teeth and infections all over your mouth when you ignore a needed root canal procedure.

These procedures are almost painless and when they are conducted correctly you can end up with amazing teeth and healthy gums. You can give us a call at 412 813-3131 to learn more about the root canal procedure and how you can benefit from it. You can also visit Poleski Family Dentistry and speak to our professionals who can guide you through the entire procedure.

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