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Sleep Apnea

Woman covering ears while husband snoresSleep apnea is a serious condition that could turn out to be very dangerous when left untreated. There are various causes of sleep apnea; however, here we will mainly discuss the reasons sleep apnea is caused by dental problems. If you suffer from sleep apnea then there is a strong possibility that your condition can be treated with dental procedures, so you can visit Poleski Family Dentistry and learn more about the various dental appliances that can help you prevent sleep apnea.

Oral Appliances to Help With Sleep Apnea

Oral appliances are known to be highly beneficial for sleep apnea because they provide amazing treatment for patients who don't want to go through invasive methods in order to get rid of this condition. There are highly effective oral devices that can be suggested by professionals after observing how serious your sleep apnea condition actually is. These devices help you sleep comfortably and breathe well through the night.

Sleep apnea is basically a condition where people end up not breathing in between their sleep cycle and wake up with a start because there is less oxygen that is going through the body and brain. It is one condition that could be caused due to various reasons but with the right dental procedure you can have it treated effectively.

Long-Term Treatment

When you are faced with sleep apnea, there are various instruments available that can help you treat it long term and ensure that you can sleep comfortably and without the risk of any serious condition. People with sleep apnea are more prone to heart attacks and strokes because of oxygen cut off and this is something that they don't even realize. Using good dental devices to help sleep apnea not only makes you comfortable, but it also helps to prevent the symptoms associated with this condition.

The most popular devices that are used to help you sleep better in sleep apnea conditions include the mandibular advancing devices and the tongue retaining devices. These devices are highly effective and you can get in touch with us to see which one will be perfectly suited for your condition. One of the best things about using these devices is that they are not large and it will be easy for you to store them. Since they are tiny, this also makes it convenient for people to travel with it and this means that even when you are out of your home, you will still be comfortable and not have to worry about any sleep apnea problems.

However, if you want to benefit from the device then it is recommended that you go through a number of tests to ensure what kind of apnea you suffer from. This will help us suggest the right device for you. If you have sleep apnea you can definitely give us a call at 412 813-3131 and discuss your problems with us. You can also visit Poleski Family Dentistry so we can help you find the right oral dental appliance to help you sleep better and stay healthy.

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