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Oral Appliance Therapy

Woman covering ears while husband snoresSleep apnea is a serious medical condition where a person’s breathing abruptly stops for a short time while they are asleep. This can happen multiple times during the night. The two most common types of sleep apnea are obstructive and central. Obstructive sleep apnea is more common, and this is where the windpipe gets partially or completely blocked while one is asleep. One of the most effective ways to treat sleep apnea is to use oral appliance therapy. You can get in touch with us here at Poleski Family Dentistry to learn more about the oral appliance devices that we have to help you breathe better if you suffer from sleep apnea. There are various reasons why it is highly recommended to use these devices while you are sleeping. These not only help you to feel better, but it also stops serious side-effects from occurring.

Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

When a person suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, they often do not realize that they suffer from the condition. It is usually somebody else sleeping by their side that notices this condition mainly because they start snoring. People who suffer from sleep apnea also tend to feel very tired and sleepy during the day because every time they stop breathing, they wake up and then go back to sleep which means they do not get sound sleep.

Most patients who suffer from sleep apnea also regularly feel that they are choking or gasping for breath. These patients will often have a sore throat and dry mouth as soon as they wake up because of the struggle of trying to breathe even though the airway is blocked. Constant blockage of the airway often leads to lethargic feelings and intellectual impairment where a person finds it difficult to focus and constantly forgets things.

They also get very irritable because of the lack of sleep. People who suffer from sleep apnea do not manage to progress well because of the various problems that they face throughout the day. It's highly recommended to not use sleeping pills in such situations because it could create a lot of complications.

Oral Appliance Therapy

There are some amazing devices that can be used in order to help a person breathe better when they suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. These devices are simple, small, and can be placed in the mouth to help a person sleep better. In order for you to ensure that you get the right device, all you need to do is visit Poleski Family Dentistry so we can observe you carefully and ensure that you have got the right oral appliance therapy to help you cope with the condition. Sleep apnea comes in different stages and the more serious the condition the more you need to get treated effectively. There are different devices designed for different people that have different sleep apnea conditions and this can only be decided once professionals like ours observe the condition and see what will suit the person best.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition because it can also lead to serious health issues like a stroke and heart failure. If you want to decrease the chances that you will suffer from any of these conditions, then you should give us a call at 412 813-3131 and book an appointment to discuss this further.

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