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Six Family Members Smiling at the Camera Modern dentistry has made it possible to complete a multitude of restorative dental procedures to provide patients with natural-looking repairs that blend seamlessly with their smiles. However, these restorations can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to pediatric dental procedures. That is why it is important to take steps to avoid these issues before they arise. At Poleski Family Dentistry we focus on providing preventive dentistry procedures and treatments for our families.

Dental Exams

During a dental exam the dentist will examine your mouth, gums, and teeth, and check for cavities. If you or your child need x-rays, the dentist will take them at this time. X-rays are not required at every visit, but they are taken once or twice a year if needed. The dentist will place an x-ray shield over your body to protect you.

Dentist reviewing dental assessment with patient at Poleski Family Dentistry

Dental Cleanings

After the dental exam, your teeth will be cleaned. While cleaning, we will floss between the teeth to remove any plaque or tartar. Then we will brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to help prevent cavities. It is important at home to continue with your daily dental care routine of brushing and flossing to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Dentistry for Kids

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child see the dentist every six months. This helps your child maintain healthy teeth and prevents possible problems from developing.
After your child’s first exam, our team will recommend that you schedule regular, ongoing dental exams for your child. These exams are generally recommended every six months but should be completed at least once annually. While your child’s first exam will not include imaging services, our team will take digital x-rays of your child’s oral cavity when they get a little older. These will be updated with new x-rays every few years.

Oral Cancer Screenings

At Poleski Family Dentistry, oral cancer screenings are a part of your routine dental exams. Early detection of oral cancer is crucial. If it is detected that you have oral cancer, surgery can help to eliminate the disease and improve your chances of making a full recovery. These include tumor resection, mohs micrographic surgery, mandible resection, maxillectomy, glossectomy, laryngectomy, or lymph node removal.

Periodontal Care and Maintenance

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease or have begun experiencing symptoms, then it is time to come see our team. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums, receding gums, and tooth sensitivity. There is no need for panic as gum disease can be treated with periodontal maintenance. Although earlier detection is better, it is never too late to seek a dentist's advice and treatment.

Scaling and root planing are common treatments with gum disease. Scaling is always done during the same visit as root planing and is completed first. To scale your teeth, one of our professionals will utilize a metal, handheld tool to scrape tartar off your teeth. Tartar is the substance that forms when plaque remains on your teeth for an extended period and cannot be removed with brushing.

After scaling, our team will use the same tool to reach into the pockets below your gum line and smooth out the tooth’s root. This is called root planing because they are creating a flat “plane” below your gum line and removing any tartar or plaque that is wedged between your gums and roots. By removing this material, the roots can reattach to your gums and prevent the pockets from increasing in depth.
Surgical procedures such as gum grafts are also available if you have more advanced gum disease.

Night Guards for Bruxism and TMJ

Bruxism is the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth, which either occurs when you are asleep or wide awake. During your initial consultation, if our dentist suspects you to be a frequent teeth grinder, they will evaluate your bruxism's severity by checking for any damages to your teeth and tenderness in your jaw muscles.

Although there is no definitive treatment for bruxism and TMJ disorder, we can guide you and provide you with essential behavioral therapy to help you with these conditions. We can create a custom-fit mouthguard for you to wear at night while you sleep. This will prevent further tooth damage and will also alleviate waking with headaches and jaw pain caused by bruxism or TMJ.

Mouth Guards for Sports

A perfect knock to your teeth during sports could lead to injuries or even cause you to lose a tooth. Prevention is always better than going through the treatment process. You can also play confidently, since you are sure your mouth and teeth will be protected. Some tooth injuries are hard to rectify, and that is why it is crucial to wear mouth guards for sports, during practice and games.
Just like with nightguards, we can take a mold of your mouth and create a custom-fit sports mouth guard for you to wear. You can find generic mouth guards at the grocery store, but these tend to be bulky and inhibit speech and breathing since they are not made specifically for your mouth.

Sleep Apnea and Oral Appliance Therapy

There are three types of sleep apnea. The first type is obstructive sleep apnea, which takes place on relaxation of the throat muscles. In central sleep apnea, breathing becomes a problem due to the brain’s failure in sending proper signals for breathing. Complex sleep apnea combines obstructive and complex sleep apnea.

People who are overweight, smoke, or have other respiratory health issues like asthma are at an increased risk for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea may also be more common in adults over 40, particularly men. Being overly tired during waking hours is a common symptom of sleep apnea. Many people who have it say they feel constantly exhausted for no particular reason. Patients with severe sleep apnea can also experience chronic neck pain due to excess strain on their spine and headaches that occur at night or during periods of sleep-wake cycles when muscle movements occur.

If you are suffering with sleep apnea, we can help with oral appliance therapy devices to aid in opening your airway while you sleep.

At Poleski Family Dentistry, we take pride in answering all of our patient’s questions and creating a comfortable space for them, while our experts advise you on the most optimal preventive and treatment options. We are fully aware of the impact dental problems can have on a patient’s personal and social life, which is why we take all the measures required for a successful procedure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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